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Frequently Asked Questions

WinTV PCI board Troubleshooting notes

System Installation Requirements

VGA Graphics card information

Audio Settings / Questions - (No Audio)
Causes for Lockups and Errors
WinTV32 and WinTV2000 Application Settings / Questions
Other General Questions:
Installation issues in WindowsXP
Installation issues in Windows2000
Multiple Monitor Configurations
NetMeeting configuration
Video Capture information
Instructions for streaming live video
Installation issues in WindowsNT 4.0
Uninstalling WinTV Software
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How do you pronounce Hauppauge?
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Multiple Monitor Configurations
Under Win98SE and WinME, the WinTV card will only display the video on the Primary monitor in a multiple monitor configuration. If you are using Win2000 or WinXP, you will be able to view the WinTV window on a secondary monitor.

NetMeeting configuration:

NOTE: Be sure that the WINTV Software is not running when you initialize NetMeeting

NetMeeting 2.1:
In NetMeeting 2.1, go to the Current Call section of the program. You should see 2 small windows: "My Video" and "Remote Video". Click on the arrow in the "My Video" window to change it from "Not sending" to "Previewing". A screen will appear with either video, a blue screen, or the NetMeeting logo. Next, on the menu bar, choose Tools - Options - Video, and be sure that "Video Camera Properties" indicates the MSVIDEO:Brooktree Bt848 Capture driver. Click the Source button, which will allow you to select your Video source. (COMPOSITE for a camera or VCR input into the wintv, Camera (with S video selected) for an S-Video input and Tuner for the WinTV tuner picture. If a black screen or NetMeeting logo is still seen after this configuration is done, a Registry fix may be needed. Download and install this file, which should correct the problem: (

NetMeeting 3.0:
Open NetMeeting 3.0 and click on the Preview button. then click on Tools - Options - Video - and set the Source to your video source. This should begin to display the video and allow you to conference with NetMeeting.

For more information on NetMeeting click here:

Instructions for streaming live video:

Installing Microsoft's Media tools, will also install the Windows media encoder software. To stream live video over a network or the internet, open the Windows Media Encoder program. This will stream live video, in real time, using the MPEG-4 compression format.

Go to start-Programs-Windows Media, and open Windows Media Encoder. Choose "Quickstart" from the Welcome window, for the easiest/quickest setup.

In the Quickstart menu, choose the Template you want your video stream to be sent as, depending on the type of modem/internet connection speed that is being used. (250 Video works fine in house here with the LAN)

Click the Video capture settings button (the video camera icon) to change the video source to composite or Tuner.

Click the start button, and the "on air" will light green. This indicates that the live video stream has begun.

Click View-Preview video to preview the video image that you are streaming.

The connection information will indicate the stream reference: msbd://xxxx:7007 or http://xxxx:80

These are the addresses that are used to allow others to connect to the live video stream.

Uninstalling WinTV Software:

The Program HCWCLEAR.EXE can be used to remove all of the WinTV drivers, software, and registry entries. To access this file, insert the WinTV Installation CD (Version 2.0 or Higher) into your CD ROM Drive and double click on My Computer. In here you will find the different drives that are on your system including the CD-ROM Drive. Double click on the CD ROM drive and you will see the contents of the Installation CD. In here you will find the HCWCLEAR.EXE file in the root directory. Double click on this file and choose the “Remove all WinTV drivers and applications” option as well as the "Search All INF files" option. A DOS window will open while it is removing the files. Bypass any errors that may come up and allow the Window to close on its own. Once it closes it is finished.

The HCWCLEAR file can also be downloaded from our WEB site from here.

This will uninstall the software for you. Afterwards, you can reinstall the WinTV drivers and applications.

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