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Frequently Asked Questions

WinTV under Windows 2000

Installing WinTV-PCI under Windows 2000

Error: Failed to Create TV window, another application may be using the driver

Video does not scale past 640 X 480 or go to full screen mode
Windows 2000 User access

Installing WinTV-PCI under Windows 2000

Insert the WINTV board into a free PCI slot, and boot the system. Windows will detect the presence of the new hardware at this point. It is recommended to cancel this, and to browse the provided Wintv CD rom.

Double click on the NT folder on the Wintv CD rom. Inside this folder is a DRIVERS folder. Double click on this folder. Double click on the WIN2000 folder located in here. The WIN2000 folder will contain the appropriate drivers. Double click on the file HCW848NT.EXE to install the wintv drivers.

The driver files will be copied, and once complete, click Finish, And then reboot the system.

On bootup, Windows will recognize new hardware, first the "Multimedia Video Controller", and should indicate "Hauppauge 878/9 VFW Video Driver".

You will then see a Microsoft "Digital Signature Not found" message.Click YES to continue.

Windows will now find the "Hauppauge Wintv 878/9 VFW Audio Driver", also followed by the 'digital signature not found' message. Click yes to continue again.

The drivers have now been loaded.

Install the WINTV application software from the CD rom(D:\SETUP).

You are now ready to run the Wintv application under Windows 2000!

For the WINTV-D model, you must also install the WinTV-D Driver update, which should automatically have a checkmark when SETUP is initialized.


Failed to Create TV window, another application may be using the driver" error when attempting to run WinTV32 or WinTV2000:

Check the Wintv Drivers under control panel- System-Hardware-Device Manager. The drivers will be listed here under Sound, video, and game controllers. You should have a Wintv video driver as well as a Wintv Audio driver section.

If neither section is here, or there is an exclamation point next to one or both of the WinTV drivers, click the RIGHT mouse button on each and choose "uninstall". Reload the wintv drivers from the CD and reboot the system. If the same problem occurs, there is most likely a resource conflict. Try moving the WinTV card to a different PCI slot(S) or switching it with a different PCI card in the system at this point, to eliminate the conflict.

Problems installing the WinTV Drivers under Windows 2000

If Terminal Services are running, you must disable Terminal Services, and then you will be able to load the WinTV drivers, reboot the system, and then re-enable Terminal Services.

Video does not scale past 640X480 or go to Full Screen mode:

The WinTV does not support scaling past 640 X 480, even when set to "Allow Overlay" mode under Windows 2000. For full screen, you must enable "allow resolution change" in the WinTV software.

Windows 2000 User access:

On Windows 2000 systems, if an adminstrator wishes to allow users to access the channel suites properly, run Regedt32 (start/run REGEDT32 and click OK), and edit the following string:

Set the permissions on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\HAUPPAUGE to 'Everyone', Full Control.

This will allow all users to have full access and permissions when using the WinTV software.

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