Cordcutter TV

Cordcutter TV

Watch, pause and record live over-the-air TV on phones, tablets and media players

Dual network TV tuners with Wi-Fi and high performance transcoders for best operation with mobile phones and tablets

Cordcutter TV is a Wi-Fi network TV tuner for over-the-air ATSC HD digital TV and clear QAM digital cable TV*. Cordcutter TV streams live, free over-the-air HD TV to iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets plus media players like AppleTV, Roku and FireTV. Cordcutter TV has two built-in TV receivers, so you can watch live TV on two devices from two TV channels at the same time.

Cordcutter TV uses Hauppauge’s free myTV app, available from the Apple or Google app store, or the Amazon app store. myTV is a simple to use app for live TV, playback of TV recordings and displaying the program guide.

Dual tuners: watch live TV on two devices at the same time

Cordcutter TV has two TV tuners and two transcoders, so you can watch on two devices at the same time..

Completely wireless!

Cordcutter TV has dual band, high performance 2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi built in. So you don't need any wires from your antenna to your home router. Just add an antenna, connect Cordcutter TV to your home Wi-Fi network, and start watching free HD TV on your iPhone, iPad, Android device or media player.

You can use Cordcutter TV attached to your TV antenna in one room, and stream wirelessly to your home router in another room!

Dual transcoders for the best operation with mobile devices

Save your mobile device's battery life!The built-in dual transcoders in Cordcutter TV convert over-the-air HD TV into H.264. This is the video format used by the built-in hardware acceleration in mobile devices, and reduces power consumption and extends your battery life.

Hauppauge's myTV app for TV watching, pause and recording

The Hauppauge myTV application is available on the Apple, Google and Amazon app stores for download. myTV gives you live TV and a free 24 hour channel guide.

Watch live over-the-air ATSC HD TV and clear QAM digital cable TV

ATSC is free HD TV

ATSC is free over-the-air digital HDTV standard for North America and typically requires an antenna for reception. There is no monthly fee for ATSC HD TV.

Clear QAM is digital cable TV

Clear QAM allows users to watch unencrypted HDTV stations from cable TV without a set-top box. Clear QAM does require a cable TV subscription. Clear QAM TV is not available on all cable networks, so check with your local cable TV operator for clear QAM availability.

Cordcutter TV Features

  • Dual ATSC and clear QAM receivers in one small box. Stream two TV channels to two devices at once
  • Completely wireless! Cordcutter TV connects to your router over 2.5Ghz or 5Ghz Wi-Fi. Completely wireless from your antenna to your router!
  • Two built-in hardware transcoders. Get the the best battery life on your mobile device
  • Stream live HD TV to smartphones, tablets and media devices like Roku, Amazon FireTV and Apple TV
  • Download our ‘myTV’ app from the Apple or Google app stores. myTV allows you to watch and pause live HD TV on your phone or tablet over your home Wi-Fi network. Easy Wi-Fi setup with our myTV iPad/iPhone or Android app
Live TV for your iPad
Live TV for your iPad
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Cordcutter TV Specifications

TV watching application

  • myTV, a simple to use app for the iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets plyus media players like the Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV

Technical specifications

Dual Tuners

  • Supported TV standards:
    • ATSC HD TV
    • Clear QAM digital cable TV
  • Antenna input: F connector


  • 2.5 or 5Ghz WiFi networks
  • 2x2 MIMO


  • Dual MPEG-2 to H.264 transcoders. The H.264 format is support by Apple and Android as the native video format and uses hardware accelerated playback

System Requirements

  • TV antenna for ATSC over-the-air HD TV. Or cable TV with clear QAM*
  • Home router with 2.5 or 5 Ghz Wi-Fi. Ethernet connection optional.
  • A compatible phone, tablet or media player. Cordcutter TV works with:
    • iPad, iPhone or Apple TV with OS 7.1 or later
    • Android: Android tablet or smartphone with a 1 GHz or faster dual-core ARM CPU and Android 4.0.3 (“ice cream sandwich”) or later, plus a processor with NEON support (e.g. Tegra3)
    • Amazon: FireTV, Kindle Fire (2nd generation), KindleFireHD
    • Samsung Galaxy: Note, Note II, Note 3, SII, SIII, S4, S5, S IIImini, S4 mini, Tab2, Tab 38.0
    • Google: Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Nexus 10
    • Roku
    • PC: Windows 8 or later, 2 GHz Intel Core2Duo (or comparable), sound card

Note: You need an iOS or Android device to do the initial setup of Cordcutter TV.

*Note: Not all cable TV networks send clear QAM channels. Please check with your local cable operator for the availability of clear QAM digital cable TV

Cordcutter TV Model Number

model 01653: Cordcutter TV with two sets of ATSC and clear QAM receivers. Dual transcoders. Wi-Fi support: 2.5/5Ghz. Ethernet port. USB and SD card slots. F connector for ATSC over-the-air antenna or clear QAM cable TV.

Included in the box

  • Cordcutter TV with dual ATSC/QAM tuners and dual transcoders
  • Power supply: 5v 2a
  • Quick Installation Guide

Cordcutter TV Manuals

Cordcutter TV QuickInstall Guide