TV tuners and video recorders


  • Video capture board for Windows
  • Snap still and motion video images
  • Videoconference over the Internet


USB video digitizer, with video capture and DVD disk burning application
  • Bring live video into your PC from camcorder, VCR or video camera. Maximum video format size: 720x480 (NTSC video).
  • Save still and motion video images to your hard disk.
  • Videoconference* over the Internet.
  • For Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

WinTV-USB2-FM NTSC TV tuner stick

NTSC TV tuner for PCs or notebook

Note: Not for sale in the United States

  • Watch and record analog cable TV or over-the-air TV broadcasts
  • Watch TV in a window or full screen on your PC or laptop monitor.
  • Schedule your analogTV recordings, using high quality MPEG-2. Use our SoftPVR and SoftMCE for analog TV recordings.
  • Pocket size, easy to install on USB2.