WinTV Extend for the iPad - using and installing

WinTV Extend for the iPad - watch live TV on your iPad, in the home or around the world!

Watch live TV on your iPad, at home or anywhere in the world over Wi-Fi!

WinTV Extend for the iPad is a TV application for the iPad which allows you to watch live TV from a Hauppauge TV tuner or to play back TV videos which were recorded with a Hauppauge TV tuner.

To use WinTV Extend for the iPad, you need:

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  • WinTV Extend for the iPad application (you can download this free app from the Apple app store)
  • a PC which has a Hauppauge TV tuner installed (see below for a list of supported Hauppauge TV tuners)
  • WinTV v7.2 application with the WinTV Extend Server - installed on a PC

WinTV Extend for the iPad will allow you to watch all of the TV channels you can receive on your Hauppauge TV tuner. If you have recorded any TV programs with the Hauppauge TV tuner, you can also watch these TV programs on your iPad.

Latest version of the Hauppauge WinTV Extend app for the iPad/iPhone

WinTV Extend app version 1.0.30037:

- improved iPad user interface, including landscape mode
- auto detection of WinTV Extend servers on the local network
- server selection screen for remembering and choosing between multiple servers.
- improved compatibility with iOS5.

How to buy WinTV Extend

WinTV v7.2 with the WinTV Extend Server is available from the Hauppauge webstore at a cost of $9.95 (plus shipping). You can order it from:

WinTV v7.2 application with WinTV Extend Server

WinTV Extend Server is an Internet video server built into the WinTV v7.2 application. To run the WinTV Extend Server, you need to have a WinTV TV tuner in your PC, and your PC needs to be connected to either a home WiFi network or the Internet.

WinTV Extend runs on Windows based PCs (it currently does not run on a Mac, though TV from WinTV Extend can be watched on a Mac).

On your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, all you need is the the WinTV Extend for iPad application.

You can also watch live TV on your Mac or PC

If you are using a Mac or a PC, you can also watch live TV from the WinTV Extend Server. All you need is a browser (Safari recommended on the Mac) and a Flash video player.

If you click on the Gallery tab, you will find some screen shots of an iPad receiving video from WinTV Extend.

WinTV Extend currently runs with the following Hauppauge TV tuners:

All WinTV-HVR TV tuners for North America and Europe, plus the WinTV-NOVA-T, WinTV-NOVA-S and WinTV-MiniStick products in Europe and Asia.

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Find the WinTV Extend app on the Apple app store

The new WinTV Extend app is available from the Apple app store at no cost. To download WinTV Extend, look up 'WinTV Extend' on the Apple app store.

Here's a link to the Extend app on the Apple app store: