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WinTV v8 with Extend

The new TV application from Hauppauge. Now with Extend, for video streaming for the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Apple Mac and Windows 7 based PCs

WinTV v8 TV application with Extend

WinTV v8 with Extend is the latest TV application from Hauppauge.

WinTV v8 is for use with WinTV-HVR analog and digital TV tuner products. Watch, pause and record TV on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista or Windows XP. If you have a Hauppauge TV tuner with FM radio, you can also listen to and record FM on your PC.

WinTV v8 features:

  • A new user interface for Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10
  • Watch, pause, record and playback TV with Hauppauge TV tuners
  • Closed captions and parental control (North America)
  • New layout with better controls for live TV pause and playback
  • Integrated TV recording scheduler so you can record your TV programs on a once only, daily or weekly schedule
  • Multiple tuner support: if you have more than one Hauppauge TV tuner in your PC, you can either record more than one TV program at a time, or you can have picture-in-picture or open two TV screens at a time
  • Logical channel numbers (European TV channels)
  • Signal strength monitor for digital TV channels
  • Digital parental control (North America)
  • Closed captions (North America)
  • Single configuration and scanning pop up menu
  • High Definition TV and video support (selected models)
  • Instant time shift and recording
  • Built-in video player, which supports a wide variety of video formats

WinTV Extend has the following features:

  • Live TV streamed to your iPad or iPhone via Wi-Fi or via the Internet
  • Live TV can also be streamed to your PC or Mac too
  • You can use either an Internet browser to watch TV or you can use the Extend iOS app for the iPhone or iPad