Wing is the new mobile video recorder application from Hauppauge. Wing uses a WinTV to record your favorite TV shows into a video iPod, Sony PSP or DivX format for playback on a portable video player.

  • Convert your TV recordings for playback on the Apple iPod, Sony PSP or a DivX player. Turns MPEG-2 videos into H.264, MPEG-4 and DivX.
  • Works with all models of the WinTV-PVR. It will also work with analog TV recordings made with the WinTV-HVR's.               
  • Includes a stand alone format converter, so you can take previously recorded TV shows and turn them into a mobile video format.
  • Includes a TitanTV plug-in, so you can record in a mobile video format when scheduling your TV shows with TitanTV.
  • Includes an updated WinTV Scheduler and Wing configuration program.
There are four ways to use Wing:

  • If you use TitanTV in the U.S. or TVTV (the Internet based Electronic Program Guide) in Europe to schedule your TV recordings, Wing will allow you to record in a mobile format with one click.
  • If you use WinTV-Scheduler to periodically schedule recordings (for example: your favorite TV show every Sunday night), Wing will give you options to convert your recordings automatically into a mobile video format.
  • If you have TV shows which you recorded previously, Wing comes with converter program which will turn the MPEG videos into a mobile video format.
  • Wing also comes with a "direct to disk" feature, which allows you to record your TV shows onto a DVD disk while the TV show is running. This Direct to Disk feature allows you to put multiple TV shows onto one DVD disk (within, of course, the size limit of the DVD disk).
Don't leave home until you Wing it!

System Requirements

  • Pentium® IV processor 1.7GHz or faster minimum recommended
  • 512 Mbytes RAM minimum recommended
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows Vista (all versions)
  • Optional: DVD writer for the Direct-to-disk feature Hauppauge WinTV-PVR
Price: $24.95