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The WaveDirect E-Commerce System

Brought to you by Hauppauge and Wave Systems Inc.

Rent, rent-to-buy or simply buy computer games, software, music and other types of digital content through WaveDirect.

Hauppauge and Wave Systems bring's you "Wave Direct", the first e-commerce system based on micro-transactions. On the WinTV model 595, available through CompUSA computer superstores, a built-in "money chip" is used to make electronic purchases. You can buy or rent computer games and programs, music and other digital content. WaveDirect is produced by Wave Systems Inc., and provides a secure payment system.

The WinTV model 595
Hauppauge's WinTV model 595 adds the WaveDirect "money chip" to the WinTV-Theater. The Theater brings a 125 channel cable ready TV tuner plus 5-speaker Dolby Pro-Logic Surround Sound to your PC. Included in the WinTV-Theater model 595 package are a collection of CD's containing games and productivity software, ready to be bought for a single use, daily use or unlimited use.
Other Wave enabled digital content can be downloaded over the Internet from WaveDirect. Future content ready for purchase can be delivered over other broadband networks, such as cable modems or the new 19.4 Million bit/second HDTV network.
What is the Wave E-commerce System?
The Wave E-commerce System is the first solution specifically developed for direct digital content commerce. Wave Systems Inc. has built a revolutionary hardware-based technology that enables client-side e-commerce transactions creating a secure and trusted environment in the PC, or other WaveEnabled device. Using distribution media like the Internet, CDs, DVDs, cable, HDTV broadcast and satellite transmission, the Wave E-commerce System allows E-tailers to sell digital content (music, interactive entertainment, software, and information) through devices as diverse as PCs or set-top boxes.
How does the Wave E-commerce System work?
The WinTV model 595, with its "money chip", provides high-level encryption and payment security functions as well as content metering. Consumers add funds into their WinTV's "money chip" and then purchase digital content offline.
To add funds into the "money chip", the consumer links up over the Internet with Wave System's central payment and processing center, called WaveNet, and tells WaveNet how much money to add to the WinTV's "money chip". This amount, sometimes called "electronic cash" or "e-cash", is put into the "money chip".
To purchase digital content, the consumer would download Wave-encrypted content into their PC. When the content is used, the "money chip" gets debited for the cost. For example, if you are playing a Wave-encrypted computer game, the WinTV's "money chip" would be debited for the cost of playing the game for a day, a week or for unlimited use!
In addition to adding money to the "money chip", WaveNet produces consumer billing statements, reports on consumer usage for publishers, and disburses royalty payments.
The encryption system used in WaveDirect is so secure that it is restricted for sale outside of the U.S. by the U.S. Department of Commerce!

The WaveDirect FAQ

Wave Direct - the place to buy on-line

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