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Table of contents:

IR Remote Overview

Installing the IR Remote for WinTV

Remote Control Button Functions

Checking the Function of WinTV's IR Remote


IR Remote Overview
The IR Remote for WinTV lets you control the WinTV application and the Radio application (for the WinTV card with FM radio tuner) from a comfortable distance, On WinTV PCI models equipped with the IR remote capability.
The IR Remote for WinTV consists of three components:
1. IR Remote transmitter, which sends infrared signals to the receiver.
2. IR Remote receiver, which is connected to the WinTV card with a cable.
3. IR software, a program running in the background, which interpets the infrared signals.
Before installing the IR Remote for WinTV, install the WinTV card plus driver and application software from the WinTV Installation CD ROM. Make sure that the WinTV application and radio application (only for the WinTV card with FM radio tuner) work properly
when using your mouse or keyboard.
The IR Remote software is normally automatically installed from the WinTV application setup menu. After installation, the IR.EXE program, running in the background, checks if the infrared receiver has received a signal from the transmitter and then sends the desired
command to Windows.


To install the IR Remote for WinTV:
- turn off your computer.
- plug the sub-mini jack at the end of the IR Receiver cable into the Remote socket of the WinTV card.
- place the IR Receiver on your desktop so that the infrared light from the IR Remote transmitter can reach the IR Receiver.
- turn on your computer.
- If you have previously installed the WinTV applications, the IR software should automatically run. You will see the Remote icon in the Device Tray. If not, look in the IR32 directory of the WinTV Installation CD-ROM version 2.2 or later. Run IR32.EXE from this directory. The install procedure will add a shortcut to IR.EXE to the Startup group, so that IR.EXE is loaded every time after Windows has booted.


TV start or close the WinTV application
RADIO start or close the Radio application (only for the WinTV-radio board)
CH+ channel up
CH- channel down
VOL+ volume up
VOL- volume down
FULLSCREEN fullscreen TV mode on /off
MUTE mute
0-9 enter a channel number
RESERVED no function
MINIMIZE minimize the WinTV application; press the TV button to open the WinTV window again


When your PC is booted, the WinTV’s Remote software is automatically launched. You will see an Remote icon in the device tray. Point the Remote transmitter at the IR Remote receiver. When you click the TV button on the Remote transmitter, after 3-4 seconds the Remote icon should flash, indicating that the Remote application is running and then the WinTV application will be run. If you do not see the Remote icon, or do not get the WinTV application launched, do the following:
- make sure the Remote transmitter is pointed at the IR Remote receiver.
- try re-running the IR software. Click Start - Programs - HauppaugeWinTV - RestartIR. The Remote icon should appear in the lower right hand corner of your PC screen (the Device Tray).

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