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Frequently asked questions when installing and
using the WinTV under NT4.0

Table of contents:

Installing WinTV on NT 4.0

Error Messages

Motherboard Issues in NT:

Other issues using WinTV



Installing WinTV on NT 4.0

After plugging the WinTV board into a free PCI slot, boot the system, and insert the provided WinTV installation CD rom. Since NT is not a plug n play operating system, the board is not detected automatically as with Windows 95/98. Browse the CD rom and find the NT folder. Double click this folder, which contains another folder: DRIVERS. Double click on the DRIVERS folder. You may optionally use the updated driver for WinTV which can be found here.

To install the WinTV drivers, double click the file HCW848NT.EXE. This will begin the WinTV Driver installation.

Once the driver installation has completed, reboot the system.

After rebooting, run the SETUP from the CD rom <cd drive letter>:\Setup to install the Wintv application software.

Select the components you wish to install, and choose the INSTALL Button. The software installation will begin. When complete, click the FINISH button. WINTV Installation is complete!

You can verify that the NT driver is installed properly, by looking under control panel/Devices. The WinTV driver will be listed as "HCWBT848 Kernal driver". It should have a status of started, and a startup of Automatic.

In the event that the driver does not start, you can manually start it by clicking the Start button found here.

You can also change the startup, in the event that the WinTV driver does not automatically start, by clicking the STARTUP button, and confirming that AUTOMATIC is selected here.



Uninstall procedure for NT

The Program HCWCLEAR.EXE can be used to remove all of the WinTV drivers, software, and registry entries. This can be downloaded (hcwclear.exe) and is also on CD ROM’s 2.0 and higher (in the MISC, Utility folder). Copy the file to your Root directory C:\. To run this file click on Start - Run. Then type in C:\HCWCLEAR Choose the option for total removal and click on OK.

To get the hcwbt848 listing out of Devices, click on Start - Run and type in REGEDIT then hit Enter. This will open the Registry editor. Delete the following key
Then Reboot....

At this point you can install the updated NT driver and the updated WinTV2000 Application both are available at our website in the NT driver section if needed.

Also sometimes it may be necessary to re-apply the service pack before attempting to re-install WinTV


Error Messages:

Error- Failed to create TV window. Another application may be using the driver:

Fix- Open control panel, Open devices. Check to see if (HcwBT848 Kernel Driver) is (started) and the startup is (Automatic) if the driver is not started. Reload the Win/TV NT driver and the NT service pack

Error- Procedure Entry Point Error in "MSVCRT.DLL" or installation halts at 96% during driver install on the file "MSVCRT.DLL"

Fix- Reinstall, or update to Internet Explorer 5, which should correct the problem.

If the problem continues after doing so, check the file versions for MSVCRT.DLL and MSVCIRT.DLL to see if these versions match. If they do not match, this would be the problem. Please contact Hauppauge Technical support for instructions on installing the correct versions of these files.

Error-(BTGPIO32) This application requires the Win/TV standard mode drivers (VFW) but cannot find them:

Fix- The Driver did not install correctly. Just reload the Win/TV NT driver

If you still receive any of these messages above, there is most likely a resource conflict with a Network card or a modem. Pull the Network card out first, and try to reinstall the Win/TV NT driver. Then reinstall the Network card.

Error: could not load the .DLL library o100vc.dll:

Fix: There is a conflict. Move board to a new PCI slot, reinstall driver

Error: The procedure entry point Map LS could not be located in the Dynamic link library- kernel32.dll:

Fix: Reinstall the Win/TV kernel driver and the NT service pack

Error: Win/TV Initialization error, a required component (Hcwtvwnd.dll) is missing:

Fix: that error indicates a mix match in the driver files. The latest wintv driver and application for nt must be installed.

Error: “CTL3D32.dll is not the correct version.

It is for Win32s or Windows 95.” And the Brooktree driver does not load, rename CTL3D32.dll to CTL3D32.bak and reload the driver.

Motherboard Issues in NT:

There are Registry entries for both the VIA/SIS and Intel FX Motherboard Chipsets in (NT) The fixes take place in the following Key...


VIA/SIS Chipset Fix

This possible fix is incoporated into the latest software and is automatically enabled.

FX Chipset Fix

To turn this fix ON create a DWORD VALUE in the above key named EN_TBFX with a value of 1
To turn this fix OFF create a DWORD VALUE in the above key named EN_TBFX with a value of 0

In both cases, if the VALUE is not there then we do nothing, we neither set it nor clear it.

These are both Values in a Key, not keys themselves. So using RegEdt32 you would:
2. Add a DWORD VALUE named EN_VSFX or EN_TBFX under the Key added in step one.

Scan Problem - A black screen or scrambled video with good audio:

Fix: Try rescanning the channels using (HRC)

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