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Watch TV in a window with WinTV

Video conference over the internet

Add impact to your desktop publishing and web designs

Hauppauge's WinTV is a single slot PCI board for your PC which allows you to watch TV in a window on your PC screen. WinTV processes the video without requiring help from your PC's CPU, so your computer continues to run at full speed while WinTV is operating.

The WinTV application has exclusive features like channel surf, single-click no title mode, and always-on-top mode making WinTV easy and fun to use! Work on other applications while simultaneously watching TV in a window from the 125-channel cable ready TV tuner. WinTV also displays video from a VCR, camcorder, or any other video source.

Add impact to your desktop publishing and web design: With WinTV and Hauppauge's exclusive SnapShot application, you can quickly capture and save video images! Capture 24-bit still images in TIFF, JPEG, BMP in color or black/white. Incorporate saved still images in desktop publishing and web design.

WinTV2000 application screenshot showing the toolbar

VideoConference over the internet: WinTV is a video digitizer and can be used with Internet videoconferencing applications like Microsoft's NetMeeting (included with Windows98), CU-SeeMe and more! Using a camcorder or video camera you can videoconference with your friends and family right on your PC!

Add pizazz to your Web page: Be creative and add TV highlights or video clips to your web site using the WinTV Capture application!

Spice up your multimedia presentations: Hauppauge's WinTV Capture application lets you create digital movies in the Microsoft AVI file format. Capture video clips from TV, VCR, or camcorder and incorporate them in your multimedia presentations.

with 5 speaker Dolby ProLogic Surround Sound output

Use WinTV with third party applications: WinTV is compatible with a number of third party applications including WinDVR, a digital recorder application from Intervideo, SnapStream, a streaming video application and Viewtopia, a multibrowser from PointNine. WinTV can also be used with popular public domain software such as dScaler.

WinTV requires that your VGA adapter support Windows Direct Draw. VGA products tested for compatibility with WinTV include:
nVidia Riva 128, TNT, TNT2, GeForce 256 or later
S3 Savage 3D, ViRGE 3D, Trio 64V+, and Trio 64V2
ATI Rage 128, 3D Rage, Rage IIC, and Mach 64 or later
Diamond Stealth series,
Viper V330/V550/V770
Elsa Erazor series
STB Velocity series
3D Labs Permedia 2
Voodoo Rush, Banshee, Voodoo3
Intel i740 AGP
ET6000 based Graphics Accelerators
Number Nine Reality and Revolution series
Guillemot Prophet/DDR/DDI
Canopus Total and Spectra series

WinTV-GO-FM with TV and FM radio
System Requirements:
  • PC with Pentium processor (90MHz minimum recommended)
  • Windows® 98/Me/2000 and WindowsXP
  • Free PCI slot
  • Sound card
  • CD-ROM drive
  • VGA card (PCI or AGP)
WinTV-dbx with stereo TV, FM radio and remote control

The WinTV package includes the following:

  • WinTV PCI bus card with 125 channel cable ready TV tuner
  • Remote control (included with WinTV-Theater, WinTV-dbx and WinTV-radio models)
  • Audio cable for connection to sound card
  • WinTV installation CD-ROM including:
    • WinTV2000 application
    • WinTV32 application
    • WinTV-SnapShot for high resolution image captures and WinTV-Capture for AVI clip capture and playback
    • Installation and reference manual on CD
  • The WinTV-Theater and WinTV-FM model 401 also include an FM radio receiver and FM antenna
  • WinTV-Theater includes connectors for five speakers: left, center, right and two surround
WinTV-GO, for low cost TV on your PC

WinTV PCI-bus models - specifications

Product name Part
(U.S. models)
Interface Audio FM radio Remote control S-video
video in
Audio In notes
00190 PCI mono - - - -
00191 PCI mono - - -
WinTV-pci 00400 PCI dbx stereo - - -
WinTV-radio 00401 PCI dbx stereo -
WinTV-Theater 00495 PCI dolby
5 speaker output - left, right, center, left surround, right surround

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