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WinTV-PVR-pci: Product of the Year in Germany!

Watch and record your TV shows with
instant replay and program pause

Burn your favorite TV shows
onto CD-ROM or DVD
and play them on your home DVD player

Includes hi-performance hardware MPEG2 encoder!

The WinTV-PVR brings live TV to your PC screen. With WinTV-PVR's 125-channel cable ready TV receiver, you can watch TV in a resizeable window or full screen. Or listen to FM radio with our built-in stereo FM receiver.

But thats not all!!

WinTV-PVR puts TV watching under your control! Watch what you want, when you want! With WinTV-PVR you can pause TV when you want, create your own instant replay and even burn your TV shows onto CD-ROM!

With WinTV-PVR you can:

  • Watch TV in a resizeable window on your PC screen. While watching TV, WinTV-PVR takes up no system resources, so you can surf the net without any loss of performance
  • Record your TV shows to disk using MPEG compression. The built-in hardware MPEG encoder allows you to continue to use your computer while recording. Surf the net or answer e-mail while electronically recording your TV shows to your PC's hard disk!
  • WinTV-Scheduler allows you to schedule your TV recordings. And with TitanTV.com in the U.S. and TVTV.de in Europe, you can use an Internet program guide to help schedule your TV recordings.
  • Pause and instantly replay your TV shows, with 2X and 8x digital fast forward and rewind
  • Capture high quality still video images from live or recorded TV
  • Create MPEG movies and use them in many popular video editors (our own "cuts only" editor is included)

WinTV-PVR includes WinTV-Scheduler, which can control TV watching on a daily, weekly or random schedule. And you can schedule your TV recording, too. Never miss those old favorite shows which are broadcast in the middle of the night!

WinTV-PVR's Pause feature gives you control of what you watch in your WinTV window. Get personal "instant replay" to stop the action when you want to analyze a key scene. Instantly rewind to any point and replay the action again. You're in control with WinTV-PVR! Ever been called to the phone, had to answer the door, or went for a snack and missed the big play? With WinTV-PVR, you'll never miss the action again. Just click on WinTV-PVR's "One Touch Pause" button to pause your TV show, click again to continue watching where you left off. Then skip through commercials as you catch up to the live broadcast.

Record your TV shows and play them on your PC or home DVD player! With WinTV-PVR, you can record your TV shows to your PC's hard disk and play them back at any time. Then use your PC's CD-RW burner to create Video CD's, with up to one hour of TV video. Video CD's can be played on your PC or laptop computer, or on your home DVD player (see our web site for a complete list of tested compatible DVD players). Record TV show episodes to CD-RW disks, and then watch them on your laptop when you travel. Or play them through your DVD player in your living room.

Is your closet filled with bulky video tapes? WinTV-PVR can put your TV shows and home videos onto CD-ROM instead. Five Video CD's can be stored in the space of one video tape on your video shelf. And when you want to mail a video to a friend, you can slip a CD into an envelope. Try to do that with videotape!

WinTV-PVR uses one of the most advanced MPEG2 hardware compression systems on the market today, compressing your videos 100:1 while providing great on-screen video quality. Using the same MPEG encoder as used in studio broadcast systems, WinTV-PVR can record full screen TV using 2 GB of hard disk space per hour. With WinTV-PVR, you can also create Video CD's (or S-VCD's), saving up to an hour of video on a single CD-RW disk and playing them on your home DVD player. If you have one of the new DVD+RW or DVD-R burners, you can record your TV shows (or home videos!) with WinTV-PVR-pci and burn them onto DVD. The WinTV-PVR-pci has been tested with MyDVD and ULead's MovieFactory, two popular DVD burning applications.
Note: a list of tested compatible DVD players which can play WinTV-PVR created Video CD's can be found on our web site at: www.hauppauge.com/dvdplayers
WinTV-PVR-pci includes:
  • 125 channel cable ready TV tuner
  • Composite/s-video input to connect to VCR or camcorders
  • High quality MPEG2 video and audio encoder
  • dbx-TV stereo decoder (Nicam stereo decoder in Europe)
  • FM stereo radio receiver
  • IR remote control

MPEG record specifications:

  • MPEG1 record at 1150K bits/sec (video CD data rate)
  • MPEG2 record datarates: 2MBit/sec full D1 and half D1, 4MBit/sec full D1 CBR (constant bit rate) or VBR (variable bit rate), 6Mbit/sec full D1 CBr or VBR, 8Mbit/sec full D1 CBR or VBR, 12Mbit/sec full D1 CBR or VBR
  • NTSC format* at 29.97fps: Full D1: 704x480, Half D1: 352x480, MPEG1: 352x240
  • PAL format* at 25fps: Full D1: 704x576, Half D1: 352x576, MPEG1: 352x288
  • Audio sampling: 32, 44.1, 48 KHz
  • Chroma sampling: YUV 4:2:0
  • Video file format: .MPG
  • MPEG file tested compatible with: MediaStudio 6.0, MyDVD and DVD MovieFactory DVD authoring applications

* The WinTV-PVR-pci has a TV tuner for either PAL or NTSC (specific to your region). Composite or S-Video inputs can be from either PAL or NTSC.

System Requirements:

  • Processor requirements: Pentium® II processor 450MHz or faster for TV pause with full screen playback
  • Windows®98SE (Second Edition), Windows® Millennium Edition, Windows2000 and WindowsXP
  • Free PCI slot
  • Sound card
  • CD-RW writer (optional for burning Video CD’s)
  • VGA card (PCI or AGP) which supports video overlay (NVidia, S3, ATI, etc.)
WinTV-PVR-pci has a retail price of $249.- and is available through Fry's Electronics and MicroWarehouse in the U.S. Outside the U.S., see our "Where to Buy" page.

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