A/V Cable - DIN style

a/v cable

DIN style (round) Component A/V cable

Component video cable for the HD PVR Rocket and new model HD PVR 2

  • Component video and stereo audio cable
  • For new model HD PVR 2's: models 157310, 157320 and 157321
    Note: you can find the model number on the bottom of your HD PVR 2
  • Note: part numbers 6021333 and 6021258 are interchangable

A/V Component Adapter cable - DIN style
Part number 6021333

HD PVR model 1212 System Requirements

  • Minimum CPU requirement: Intel Core Duo or equivalent
  • 512MB RAM (1GB recommended)
  • Graphics card with 256MB memory (or greater)
  • Sound card
  • Microsoft® Windows® 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP service pack 2
  • 220MB free hard disk space

Technical Specifications

  • Hardware encoder:
    • H.264 AVCHD video encoder
    • AC3 audio recording from optical SPDIF (2 or 5.1 channel audio)
    • Recording datarate: from 1 to 13.5 Mbits/sec
    • Recording format: AVCHD (.TS and .M2TS) and .MP4
      Resolution up to 1080i from component video (YCrCb and YPrPb):
      – NTSC: 720p60, 1080i60, 480i60, 480p60
      – PAL: 720p50, 1080i50, 576p50, 576i50, 480p50, 480i50
      Note: The video input format determines the recorded format. For example, 1080i input records at 1080i, 720p records at 720p, etc.
  • A/V connectors: component video in and out, S/PDIF digital audio in and out, stereo audio in and out, S-Video and composite video in
  • Video passthrough: zero delay component video passthrough, for real time game play recording in HD
  • Size: 7.75 in wide x 6.8 in deep x 2.75 in high
  • Power: 5V at 2 amps
  • Weight: 0,54 kg / 20 oz

HD PVR model 1212 Package Includes

  • HD PVR high definition H.264 personal video recorder, USB
  • IR Blaster transmitter cable to control cable TV and satellite set top boxes
  • Component video / audio cable set
  • USB cable
  • 5V 2 amp power supply