Hauppauge Privacy

Hauppauge Computer Works, Inc Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

This Policy details our commitment to protecting the privacy of individuals who:

a) visit our Websites (defined below) (“Website Visitors”) or individuals who request us to contact them via our online web forms;

b) Authorise our application “Hauppauge Capture” or “StreamEez” to login to your streaming account

2. Information That You Provide To Us

a) StreamEez with YouTube: your YouTube username, channel data and stream key

a) StreamEez with Facebook: your Facebook username, channel data and stream key

3. How We Use Information That We Collect

a) We will use your username and stream key to allow “Hauppauge Capture” or “StreamEez” application to login on your behalf to upload video that you choose to publish on your YouTube channel or live Facebook page.

b) Your data will be stored locally on your PC only. This information is not stored by the StreamEez application anywhere else besides the PC where StreamEez is or was running.

4. Sharing Of Information Collected

a) We do not share your personal information with third parties, unless it is necessary to carry out your request, for our professional or legitimate business needs, or as required or permitted by law. Where we do transfer your personal information to third parties or service providers, appropriate arrangements will be made in order to ensure correct and secure data processing in compliance with applicable data protection law.

5. Removal of your YouTube data

a) You can revoke access to the applications “Hauppauge Capture” or “StreamEez” at any time by logging into your Google Account.

b) The local copy of your username and other data can be removed from your PC by uninstalling the StreamEez and Hauppauge Capture applications.

6. YouTube Policies

The YouTube Privacy Policy can be found here:

The YouTube Terms of Service policy can be found here:

The Google Privacy Settings can be found here:

The Google Security Settings can be found here:

7. Contact

a) If you have any questions regarding this policy please contact sales@hauppauge.com

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