Hauppauge Capture Release Notes

Hauppauge Capture version 39223

  • Twitch logon fix to avoid unsupported browsers

Hauppauge Capture version 39160

  • Added selection of VMR/EVR and Hardware Acceleration to the 'Settings' tab: allows the video renderer to be changed in case there are problems with preview video (normally a black screen in the preview window, but good operation otherwise)

Hauppauge Capture version1.2.38344

  • Updated HD PVR 2 / Colossus 2 driver 1.6.38322 should help with some of the Windows 10 2004 issues with higher bitrates. There is a Microsoft USB driver update under 'Windows 10 Updates -> Optional' which fixes the Win10 USB performance problems, but this driver should give a performance improvement also.
  • Fixed issue Finalising MP4 message wouldn't be removed when TS2MP4 background remux was complete.
  • Extra logging around why a device stopped recording prematurely.
  • Checking that MP4 background remux has actually completed before stopping. If you have a PC that can't remux in real time or some content that takes longer to convert, the remux process could still be running when you press 'Stop Recording'. The app will tell you it's still Remuxing and warn you when you try to close the app/recording/restart
  • Waiting until 20Mb has grown before starting the TS2MP4 background Remux.
  • Game slider renamed Audio In
  • Mixer renamed Audio Mixer
  • High latency option removed from HD PVR 2, since videos cannot be played with bundled Hauppauge Capture decoders.
  • Saving Slipminutes value when changed to config.xml as sometimes it could not be saved on exit.
  • Hardware acceleration is re-enabled on Windows 10 - 2004.

Hauppauge Capture version 38311 Release Notes

  • Fixed no AC3 audio if another non-AC3 product (such as a Hauppauge TV tuner) was also connected
  • Added extra logging to MP4 remux (the TS to MP4 converter)
  • Fixed an issue with Skipback Recording not working
  • Adds support to use a username and password in Generic RTMP/RTMPS streaming

Hauppauge Capture version 38259 Release Notes

  • Disables Hardware acceleration by default on PCs running Windows 10 2004, as this Windows update has issues with Hardware acceleration on some graphics cards
  • Added check for Cortana to all encoder types (UI message needs updating still, but Graph will send the different message now)
  • Now showing Cortana message on all products not just USB Live 2.
  • Added a check if Cortana is using the USB Live 2 device and show a warning why the card cannot start (and how to fix)
  • Fixed an issue where the resolution information wasn't shown when changing Video Input
  • Added check when goingto use the Timing Info that it's not just null but actually has some data in it other then 0,0
  • Adding warning message when trying to stream from an interlaced source, that streaming is not possible
  • Correctly showing 30fps or 25fps for interlaced sources
  • Fixed issue that files recorded outside of Hauppauge Capture couldn't be edited.
  • Fixed issue that the duration of added adding files that weren't recorded in Hauppauge Capture showed the incorrect duration in the recording list.
  • Added warning that MP4 files can't be edited in Hauppauge Capture when playing them in the edit tab.
  • Fixed an issue where the resolution information wasn't shown when changing Video Input
  • Allowing installation on non HD PVR style products (where customer has another WinTV product installed as well as a HD PVR style product). It will just assume you have a HD PVR 2 GE Plus for now and install the required components for this. VID/PID based model detection will be added for the next release.

Hauppauge Capture version 38155 Release Notes

  • Updated HCWI2C32.DLL. Fixes an issue where certain 3rd party software could cause setup to take a very long time to complete product detection. For instance if VMix application was installed. It also speeds up detection/non detection.
  • Fixed issue playing videos over an hour in side where the slider would dissapear off the screen
  • Fixed an issue cutting videos, the reported duration could end up as 6 seconds on certain recordings.

Hauppauge Capture version 38134 Release Notes

General improvements:

  • Added Facebook streaming to the StreamEez tab
  • Added warning about the Windows 10 Camera Privacy setting if the Capture filter can't be found (previously just the installer would warn about this, but products without Hauppauge EEPROM could miss this check)
  • Hiding the Export to MP4 option if an analog product (USB-Live2 and ImpactVCB) is connected, not just if false was set by the installer
  • Error message box made taller to fit Camera Privacy message
  • Fixes an issue detecting the HD PVR Pro 60 in rare cases
  • Uploading recordings to YouTube no longer shows this app is Unverified
  • Cosmetic fixes
  • Adding extra logging around detecting Analog products (USB Live 2 / Impact VCBe)
  • Fixed an issue with extra p at end of scaling resolution and an extra p30 fps when auto scaler was off and no scaling applied.

StreamEez tab:

  • Adds Facebook Live streaming in the StreamEez tab
  • Audio mixer settings are stored and applied correctly during streaming
  • Setting the NIC, since auto inside the RTMP streaming filter does not select the correct Adapater.
  • Forcing an update of the current network adapter when starting Streaming. If you had changed network adapter while Hauppauge Capture was open (say plugged in your iPhone to charge with Hotspot on, or removed your phone and therefore reverted to Wifi) and hadn't changed the Streaming service, it would use the details of the previous network adapter.
  • Reverted target Framework to 4.0 from 4.5 in SimpleStream
  • Setting Network Interface on RTMP filter always, not just if not Hauppauge Capture
  • Logging adapter name to debug VMware specific issue
  • Not setting the desired NIC, since the app doesn't expose a control to choose. This leads to streaming not working if you have multiple NIC's in a PC.
  • Fixed an isssue getting the Server URL and Stream Key from the registry in Hauppauge Capture
  • Fixed an issue that non Facebook streaming would fail because the URL was no longer automatically prefixed with rtmp://
  • Fixed an issue during streaming where the Mic volume wasn't restored when unmuting the mic.
  • Storing StreamEez Mic and Game and PC Audio Volume settings
  • Streaming To URL font reduced in size so URL fits on screen
  • Storing Mute Status of Mic streamingPage mute button
  • Added missing p to the streaming resolution in streamEez
  • Added missing p and frame rate to streaming resolution when Auto Scaler is turned off.
  • Currently the Audio mixer values are stored the same between tabs, so changes made to your Mic setup in Capture are used for streaming and vice versa
  • Saving the status of the TS/MP4/M2TS recording choice to config.xml when changed rather than when app is closed, to help with a reported issue that the choice wasn't been stored for a customer
  • Added support for detecting a HD PVR Pro 60 even when Windows has incorrectly enumerated it's display name as "USB Video Device"
  • Disabled online check for updates (No updates would be returned, but saving the time checking)
  • Fixed issue switching between different streaming services and showing the right text/boxes.
  • Checking Facebook Server and Stream Key entries and showing link where to obtain these.

Edit tab updates:

  • Add SkipFrame buttons (currently hidden) - this will change into Next I-Frame button.
  • Up/Down keyboard buttons skip forward/back 1 second in edit tab
  • Left/Right keyboard buttons skip forward/back 1 frame in edit tab (feature not yet working)
  • Ignoring timing info when cutting, cutting at the point the user chose (timing info was only accurate to 1 second)
  • Fixed an issue where the new accuracy in cutting a file was ignored and the cut was only made to the nearest second.
  • Skipping one frame button now skips 17ms (will add calculating this based on source frame rate for next build).
  • N.B. The decoder doesn't seem to update the preview window when using the frame button, but the cut is performed at the correct place (as accurately as we are able to)
  • Added skip by frame button (currently hard coded to skip 2ms, but will be set to the appropriate time based on frame rate). N.B. This isn't 100% accurate as we are still seeking by bytes in the file, so if you have a time coded source video, you may find it not as accurate as Adobe Premiere for instance, but far better than the current 1 second accuracy.
  • All functions converted from expecting seconds to milliseconds
  • No longer wait 800ms between UI updates when dragging the timeline so you can now quite acccurately drag the slider (please check this doesn't cause a massive CPU increase on low end PC's, but it seems absolutely fine here)
  • Forcing Edit volume and mute status to save to config.xml when changed, otherwise it could be forgotten.
  • Editor and playback now supports cuts to the nearest msec
  • Recording List has a msec value shown.
  • Playback of recordings shows msec

Hauppauge Capture version 38091 Release Notes

  • Fixed MP4 recording on the HD PVR 2 which would cause a application crash

Hauppauge Capture version 38084 Release Notes

  • Fixed YouTube Live login error with StreamEez

Hauppauge Capture version 38064 Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue logging into Twitch
  • Fixed an issue where the very first time a brand new HD PVR Pro 60 was restarted it could crash
  • Fixed an issue exporting MP4 files where there is no audio track
  • Detecting TS files which don't have an Audio track but the PMT indicates they do
  • Not saving config.xml at first run in one place, to avoid read/write issue

Hauppauge Capture version 38058 Release Notes

  • Making sure CBR radio button isn't enabled on HD PVR Pro 60 (the HD PVR Pro 60 supports VBR only)
  • Showing a nice message when the device can't start.
  • Fixed an issue where the volume slider level/mute status wasn't used when playing back MP4 files on the edit tab.
  • Fixed an issue adding the Audio Mixer to the graph on certain configurations.

Hauppauge Capture version 38045 Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue where the audio mixer would not function (resulting in no audio in the recording) if no Mic's were available in the PC
  • Hiding 'Line In' PC option when no Mic's are available, as the Audio Mixer cannot function.
  • Fixed TS/M2TS/MP4 options weren't unchecked after recording on HD PVR Pro 60
  • Fixed Rewind Recording button wasn't disabled on HD PVR Pro 60 when MP4 was chosen recording format (Skipback does not work with MP4 files, only TS)
  • TS to MP4 conversion now uses a new demux
  • Added option in 'Advanced' to ignore audio format changes on AC3 products while previewing. (Already ignored while recording)

Hauppauge Capture version 38027 Release Notes

  • Fixed 'no 5.1 channel audio' on Colossus and Colossus2
  • Fixed an issue in Web Download version 37227 on Windows 7 or 8 where app could show "Unable to load NPVRWriter" due to missing dependancy on KB2999226 which is not required on Windows 10
  • Hauppauge Capture no longer runs on Windows XP due to the new .Net requirement (if you need XP support, use a previous version of Hauppauge Capture)

Hauppauge Capture version 37319 Release Notes

  • Fix for Twitch login crash
  • Hauppauge Capture no longer runs on Windows XP due to the new .Net requirement (if you need XP support, use a previous version of Hauppauge Capture)

Hauppauge Capture version 37227 Release Notes

  • Fixed login to Twitch and alerts the Twitch user that two factor authentication needs to be enabled (a new Twitch requirement)
  • Fixed issue where changes to the Rocket audio settings required a close and re-open of Hauppauge Capture
  • Fixed issue where changes to the Rocket audio settings with Component video were not saved
  • Recording in Hauppauge Capture, file names for the Rocket are now named 'rocket_date_time'

Hauppauge Capture version 37142 Release Notes

  • Shows audio status next to video status: input audio format and output audio format
  • Audio mixer now has an 'Off' setting, so that 5.1 channel audio can be recorded on HD PVR 2 models which support 5.1 channel audio
  • On HD PVR 2, in the Advanced menu, 'HDMI Passthrough EDID' now has three settings: use HD PVR 2, Use TV monitor, Merge TV monitor and HD PVR 2. The default is 'Merge TV monitor and HD PVR 2'. This means the EDID settings presented to the video source will only be the ones supported by both the TV monitor and the HD PVR 2. For example, if your HD PVR 2 can support 5.1 channel audio but your TV monitor cannot, your HD PVR 2 will turn off EDID for 5.1 channel audio.

Hauppauge Capture version 37115 Release Notes

  • Updated driver to fix issue on HD PVR 2 / Colossus 2 where there would be no audio on HDMI 2.0 monitors and TV sets
  • Fixed issue where snapshot info would get stuck on the screen, rather than reverting back to resolution info.
  • Fixed MPEG-1 TS Audio button was hidden
  • Fixed issue where HD PVR 2 Video Encoder Latency button wasn't checked.
  • Automatically detecting when the audio format changes (e.g. Stereo to AC3 (Dolby Digital) and vice-versa). Previously the app would start in whichever mode was detected at startup, so if the source was set to AC3 (Dolby Digital) after the app was started, or the device turned on after the app was started, you would hear no audio until the app was restarted.

Hauppauge Capture version 37087 Release Notes

  • Shows an error if you start recording but file doesn't grow for 30 seconds.
  • Fixed installation and run time issues caused by certain anti-virus applications.
  • Fixes issues where access to some of the essential Hauppauge Capture folders are blocked by anti-virus applications.
  • Changes for HD PVR Pro 60: automatically detecting Controller In vs HDMI Input and showing the UI accordingly
  • Added a check when deleting an old config file
  • Hiding Skipback button when minutes set to 0 on app startup as well as when the minutes were changed to 0.
  • Hide Skipback option on Analog products as it was never working
  • Showing Input resolution when switching inputs on Analog products
  • Add support to make AnalogRecorder::SignalPresent() work for Baseband products for future use with really seeing if the Analog devices have a signal or not

Hauppauge Capture version 36187 Release Notes

  • Adds a reset to default button on the YouTube upload page to wipe out YouTube name and password
  • Has updated drivers to fix the security issue on Windows 10 causing drivers not to be enabled
  • Removes Ustream from StreamEez

Hauppauge Capture version 35054 Release Notes

New features in the version

  • Adds StreamEez for the HD PVR 60
  • Videos are now stored in This PC -> Videos -> HauppaugeVideos
  • Skipback can now go to 0
  • Added Facecam support for Logitech webcams
  • Low resource mode can be turned off if you have an i7 CPU and are using Facecam
  • Skipback function in the Capture tab so you can record up to 16 hours in the past.
  • Adds Facecam to recordings: To turn on the Facecam, go to the Settings tab and select your webcam in the Webcam drop down menu. On slower PCs (slower than an Intel i5), the 'Low resource mode' is turned on.
  • Includes FaceCam frame. The setup for frames is in the Settings tab. You can make your own frame too! Just create a png file with a megenta background where you want FaceCam to go, and drop the PNG file in Users -> Public -> Hauppauge Capture -> Effects. It will then show up in the list of frames in the Settings menu.
  • StreamEez now supports Twitch API v5
  • Adds support for the Hauppauge Chat Cable (adds multi-player chat to recordings and video streams made with the Xbox One and PS4)
    • Allows LineIn PC or HD PVR AV In to be the game audio source
    • Note: Chat Cable not yet supported in FaceCam mode.
  • Better support for HD PVR 'AV In' for use with the Hauppauge Chat Cable
    • Renamed HD PVR Line In (Left/Right) to AV In and Line In (PC) to LineIn PC to avoid confusion
    • Rocket AV In volume adjustment now works correctly
    • Game audio volume slider now enabled while recording on non-Rocket devices. Game slider is now disabled while recording on HD PVR Rocket
    • Game slider disabled if no mics are available (since the Mixer can't change the level if there are no microphone's in the PC)
    • Fixed microphone mute button not working for Rocket microphone
    • Game slider is now disabled while recording on HD PVR Rocket
  • Multi Track audio fixes
  • Removed the "Line In PC" when webcam mode is enabled (as it's not currently working)
  • Increased playback buffer when using LineIn PC to avoid stuttering in the preview
  • LineIn PC now able to generate multi-audio-tracks
  • LineIn PC hidden on HD PVR Rocket (not currently working)
  • Fixed an issue with Mic's not always being listed on StreamEez tab with HD PVR Rocket
  • Changed 'web cam' to 'FaceCam' in Advanced settings. Facecam advanced settings now let you specify threads and quality
  • Disabling device dropdown when skipback recording is started
  • Added new Skipback Record button
    • Disable skipback by setting SkipBack Minutes to 0
    • Skipback button hidden when MP4 selected
    • Fixed some oddities with pressing the skipback button to stop a recording.
  • Fixed issue with Mute button on StreamEez tab not working correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with M2TS file format
  • Added some advanced FaceCam settings to allow the number of threads the encoder uses to be reduced and allows the quality profile to be changed
  • New Firmware for HD PVR 60 to fix a text quality issue from certain PC Graphics cards.
  • General bug fixes and performance improvements

Bug fixes in this version

  • New HD PVR 2 driver (1.6.33232) included to help fix problems when recording at very high bitrates
  • Fixes issue with passthrough audio not working on HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition
  • HD PVR Rocket will not remux when Mic is set to none or set to the Rocket microphone thereby capturing raw TS output
  • Improvements to SkipBack
  • Cleaning up temp-x-xxx.ts files which might be left behind
  • Fixed issue where video could end up 15 seconds behind live, if signal dropped or HDMI cable was removed
  • Fixed issue with record button not working on HD PVR Rocket
  • Fixed issue where mute status could get in the wrong state after app restart (from Edit and Capture tabs)
  • Fixed issue with USB Mic levels were not set correctly on HD PVR Rocket
  • Fixed issue on HD PVR Rocket where it would show "Waiting for HDMI Input" rather than real resolution
  • Improvement in webcam mode for HD PVR Rocket
  • Fixed issue where HD PVR Rocket might not show video
  • Fixed an issue where turning off a DisplayPort monitor while recording could stop the recording from continuing

Comments, questions on this version? Please e-mail us at: techsupport@hauppauge.com