WinTV v10 Release Notes

WinTV v10.0.38281

  • Updated HCWTSSubtitle filter
  • Updated HCWTSTeletext filter
  • Updated PSIParser filter
  • Fixed an issue with bad EPG in New Zealand, the stream had the wrong tsid value, so wasn't matching with the channels tsid.
  • Fixed several WinTV10.exe memory leaks for enhanced long term reliability
  • Fixed a memory leak in TVServer when adding scheduled recordings
  • Fixed a hang that could happen in TVServer, which would lead to WinTV not responding because TVServer had hung, but was still running
  • No longer inserting Hauppauge CC Inserter on DVB channels for Live TV
  • Added logging option ExtendedLogging2 = false, which will hide the channnel info in the log.txt for less noisy debugging (internal use)

WinTV v10.0.38259

  • Fixed an issue EPG wouldn't update if there was Analog channel in the list, but no Analog Source available
  • Disables Hardware acceleration by defualt on Windows 10 2004, as this Windows update has issues with Hardware acceleration on some graphics cards
  • Added some extra logging to Guide Form, customer reported crash loading Scheduler/EPG page
  • Fixed an issue scheduling Season recordings, some events could be missed as UTC time not Local time was being used for the comparison, which could lead to conflicts where there were none.
  • Force de-interlacing mode on VRM9 renderer
  • Fixed Update EPG button didnt collect full EPG on DVB-S
  • Fixed an issue playing recordings on Android, increased the wait for the first 2 chunks to appear.
  • Fixed a number of memory leaks in HauppaugeTVServer, so long term usage performance should be increased.

WinTV v10.0.38234

  • Fixed an issue scheduling Season recordings, some events could be missed as UTC time, not local time, was being used for the comparison. This could lead to conflicts where there were none. You would press season record and the item wouldn't be highlighted to show it was recording (In the UK this would happen if recordings were next to each other, but in the US this would happen if they were 5 hours apart)
  • Force de-interlacing mode on VRM9 renderer

WinTV v10.0.38232

  • Fixed Update EPG button didnt collect full EPG on DVB-S
  • Fixed an issue playing recordings on Android, increased the wait for the first 2 chunks to appear.
  • Fixed a number of memory leaks in HauppaugeTVServer, so long term usage performance should be increased.
  • Fixed an issue enabling the built in TS2MPG auto conversion.

WinTV v10.0.38205

  • Live Radio and recording now uses the ArcSoft MPEG Demux filter. Fixes issues with Radio channels in Poland and Australia.
  • Fixed an issue setting last IR Blaster channel too early
  • Fixed issue blasting Channel 0
  • Added support for H.264 channels from the DCR-xxxx devices, previously all channels were treated as MPEG-2.
  • Fixed an issue where the last used IR Blaster wouldn't be reset, leading to the next blast not happening.
  • Detecting if the file we are going to playback is Radio or not (to allow us to use an alternative Demux for radio)

WinTV v10.0.38190

  • Fixed a long standing issue when changing channels, you could get a black screen. This would happen when changing TV muxes, but there was stale data from the last mux after tuning, so the Audio and Video PID's were set to the previous channels values, resulting in a black screen
  • Storing last used IR Blaster channel used with WinTVRec, so we avoid re-blasting (two IR blasts very quickly together which could cause a failure) if we are already on that channel during the automatic retry which happens. This is not used for Live TV and reset after the recording finishes, so the next recording on the same channel will still perform the IR Blaster function.
  • Added support to use CC's on Nablet MPEG-2 Video Decoder
  • Removed noisy logging around CC's
  • Storing Preferred EPG language value from the Preferred Audio Language value in Settings.

WinTV v10.0.38176

  • Improvements to support multi-tuner installations
  • Added an option true to warn when entering full screen in quadPIP mode even if you aren't recording. (Customer request - default no action)
  • Stripping & from Live TV and Scheduled Recording filenames
  • Parsing & to 'ampersand' inside any XML incase & is in the status from HauppaugeTVServer
  • Fixed a text field in Settings wasn't long enough for the Italian translation.
  • Changed to look for Contains Recording not StartsWith in RenewLease()
  • Fixed an issue getting the tuner status on multi tuner setup, particularly around
  • Fixed an issue when tuner was stolen for recording. Sometimes it could get stuck showing 'No Tuner Available' rather than playing the in-progress recording. Logging around stealing tuners added
  • Info bar in quad Mode PIP hides after 3 seconds now without having to click the mouse button first.
  • Logging potential overlapping recordings when scheduling
  • Showing channel number that overlapping scheduled recordings are on in case they have the same Name and Time but aren't REALLY duplicate
  • Checking if LiveTV started ok when changing channels (like we do from Stopped)
  • Reporting "No TV Tuners connected" when LiveTV is attempted to start and no tuners are actually plugged in.
  • Reporting if a tuner is available but hasn't scanned in that particular channel either because it's a different source to the tuner or because the user really hasn't scanned channels on that tuner. This might happen if you switch TV tuners and haven't scanned for channels yet.
  • Since the graph cannot get the duration of an in progress recording (it only ever returns the duration when the file was first opened) showing 'Recording in Progress' when we watch an in progress recording in the Live TV window (e.g. When the app is open and the tuner is stolen for a recording)
  • Added new option in the TV Guide for ATSC/QAM boards, to not perform the full EPG collection when the PC is first started (if the last event was missed because it was shut down). The default is off, but the user can choose to enable this. This will resolve issues were the app is started and 'No TV Tuner Available' would be shown.
  • Added a check when starting WinTV v10 if the overnight EPG collection is in progress and gives the user the option to cancel it and start Live TV. N.B. If this isn't run, things like season recordings won't get created.
  • When changing the audio PID while paused, making the graph play as the PID cannot be checked while paused.
  • Fixed issue where volume slider would go off the edge at maximum volume
  • Fixed issue where pause buffer slider would go off the edge when it reached the end
  • Timers are correctly are correctly right and left alligned
  • LiveTV text on timeline is now translateable
  • Showing status if TV tuner is being used in WinTV Extend or in another TV Window
  • Position and Duration text only showing the hour digit if the recording or position is long enough.

WinTV v10.0.38163

  • Fixed an issue checking for duplicate channels that would stop a channels being added and mapped for a second tuner.
  • Added option DisableTeletext in Settings.xml to remove the Teletext filter (for debugging)
  • Added option DisableCCTest in Settings.xml to remove CC filter when playing back a recording (for debugging)
  • Fixed an issue that playback of recordings wouldn't stop at the end of the file
  • Fixed an issue when the tuner was 'grabbed' for a recording, LiveTV wouldn't start again after the recording because of the playback of the recording never finished.
  • Showing a warning when starting the app and the overnight EPG Update is in progress
  • Showing a warning if try to tune to a channel and the connected tuner hasn't performed an autoscan yet. Will show your the name and the Serial of the tuner that needs setting up.
  • Attempting to automatically retry the last channel tuned to if the currently connected tuner cannot recieve that channel.
  • Logging the status of all connected tuners when logging "No Tuner Available" to help debugging.
  • Showing 'Capture Recording Quality' instead of 'Analog Recording Quality' on HD PVR style boards under Settings.
  • Updated HCWTSReader to fix chosen language preference not being used if audio tracks were of different audio standards (e.g. mpeg1 vs aac). As reported in Australia

WinTV v10.0.38148

  • During a channel scan existing duplicate channels are filtered out from the result list (Same ONID/TSID/SID AND Frequency/Channel Number). So if a channel moves frequency it will be found still during the autoscan. This will help also if say the channels from just one frequency were missed during the first scan, it will allow the user to see that the missing channels were actually found this time, rather than being somewhere in a mixed in a long channel list. Also if just one single channel from a mux is missing or say gets added, the one channel will be added without removing all the channels from that mux to add it. This also protects scheduled recordings from being removed.
  • Scanning change was applied to: DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-S, ATSC, ClearQAM and DCR devices.
  • ATSC scan now gives a running total of channels found (previously only ClearQAM or DVB gave this)
  • Removed duplicate extra lines in the logging of ServiceInformation in the log.txt
  • Fixed issue where stale channel information from a previous tune can cause the next set of channels to be missed. This was already fixed for DVB-T, not implemented on all source types.
  • Fixed issue that only one scheduled recording could take place on WinTV-DCR-2650 and WinTV-DCR-3250 (Now 2 and 3 tuners respectively)
  • Added warning about the Windows 10 Camera Privacy issue if the Capture filter can't be found (previously just the installer would warn about this, but products without Hauppauge EEPROM could miss this check)
  • Hiding the Export to MP4 if an Analog product is connected, not just if false was set by the installer. If you didn't install with the USB Live 2 it could lead to this button being shown when you plugged one in.
  • Error message box made taller to fit Camera Privacy message on

WinTV v10.0.38099

  • Fixed an issue with a recent fix during a DVB-T/T2 scan where correct channels could be ignored during a scan, due to receiving channel information from the last tuned channel (which registed the frequency as duplicate). This fixed worked if the channels were consecutive, but not if a blank channel was tuned in between. This was seen in Sweden/Denmark
  • Fixed an issue where "ScanWaitLCNExtra" 0 "/ScanWaitLCNExtra" wasn't being set in Germany, it was being seeded before the config.xml had been created.

WinTV v10.0.38093

  • Adds model numbers below 20000 to allow install (e.g. HVR-3000 is model 14xxx or HVR-930C is model 16xxx)
  • Added HCWD9BDA driver 1.36.36149 for 32-bit Windows 10 and 32/64-bit earlier versions of windows (only Windows 10 64-bit had this driver added previously)
  • Added a second auto retry of scheduled recording if the first one failed because the file was emptye
  • Not logging aspect ratio every time, only if it's changed.
  • Cleaned up some noisy unneeded logging around OSD
  • Warning user if they enter full screen mode when in Four Tuner PIP and recording, that they will not be able to go back to Four Tuner PIP mode without stopping the recording. There was a warning if you did this and were recording in a different window, but the current window was ignored.
  • Removed noisy logging when opening the TV Guide
  • Fixed an issue on ATSC/QAM boards if only QAM was configured, it could attempt to get EPG listings for just the first Clear QAM frequency due to the way it counted the frequencies if none were in the list
  • Turning off EPG Update if no valid channels are present in the database. If valid channels are added (and the user hadn't chosen to turn it off themselves) EPG Update will be turned on.

WinTV v10.0.38066

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Serial number on a very, very small number of products to return as "2" which could cause issues with re-installation and will report 'Activation Code not valid'
  • Fixed an issue on WinTV-quadHD USB which could cause serial number to return as "2". Customers who have already installed WinTV v10 have had their Activation Code re-activated, so it will now pair also with the other half of the tuner on re-installation.
  • Model/Serial detection should be slightly quicker on devices with a "Serial Number" rather than a "MAC"
  • Fixed support for Model 72261, has external inputs incorrectly showing.
  • Fixed an issue opening EPG if there were bad entries with no EPG Update end time, left over from older legacy versons of WinTV v8.5
  • Fixed an error on Model 150xxx (from Build 38045) where if you chose not to install drivers it would show an error running hcwdriverinstall
  • Fixed an issue streaming HEVC channels in Germany via WinTV Extend
  • Fixed an issue viewing bad signal H.264 streams where it couldn't get the VideoHeader Info because of the bad signal (as seen in Italy)
  • Fixed an issue that pressing Escape when in Full Screen mode and in Quad Window mode and having double clicked a single window to maximise it, wouldn't let you revert to Normal size window mode.
  • Added support for PCTV 73e, PCTV 282e and 73e SE (Drivers not included - Yet..)
  • Added support for PCTV 340e/801e
  • Fixed issue where WinTV Extend server would crash 1 minute after completely streaming a full recording to the end.
  • Fixed an issue on some ClearQAM channels which wouldn't be found where PMT PID was 0xff which was supposed to be "invalid" but happened to be valid on a particular stream.

WinTV v10.0.38050

WinTV Extend updates

  • After streaming Live TV stops, temp files used by Extend are removed
  • Firefox and Chrome still use Flash based streaming. You must have working Flash for it to work
  • Stop repeatedly trying to cleanup files during streaming in WinTV Extend
  • Stop repeatedly trying to cleanup files after successfully doing so after Streaming has finished, which would cause log file to grow very large
  • Releasing old WinTVTranscode 30 seconds quicker, removed a break that was causing it to drop out and not be removed until the next loop
  • Fixed an issue with missing Settings.xml value used for cleaning up old un-used processes in WinTV Extend
  • Fixed an issue in WinTV Extend that would cause streaming to stop on iPhone/iPad/Edge browser (HLS Streaming) after a few minutes
  • WinTV Extend logging much more useful and concise
  • Fixed an issue in WinTV Extend that would break streaming on last build
  • WinTV Extend streaming will start quicker on low bitrate channels, as pre-buffering before encode is now time based on byte based
  • Fixed an issue where the quality settings were not used in Edge
  • WinTV Extend will play to the very end of the recorded file, previously it could stop 5 seconds or so before the end of the file.

Other updates

  • WinTV Tray app can now cancel EPG Update when launched in the background on a multi tuner product (or while the overnight process is in progress). Previously Cancel didn't do anything
  • String SID during Channel Streaming as well as Recording Streaming
  • Added option in Settings.xml to make Snapshot silent true
  • Fixed an issue with fix for selecing a single tuner in Settings device Tab in Italian
  • Fixed an issue with fix for selecting a single tuner in Settings device Tab if Live TV was playing
  • Fixed an issue with padding logic if schededuled recordings started at exactly the same time
  • Fixed an old issue where if a single tuner was found in the Settings Devices Tab it wasn't auto selected unless it contained the english string "Available"
  • Fixed several issues that could cause the WinTV-DCR-2650 not to tune

WinTV v10.0.38031

  • Fixed an issue where US Digital only products wouldn't get the Automatic EPG option set by default
  • Fixes an issue where if a customer installed with a WinTV v8.5 AAC code, the pairing for WinTV v10 AAC was made, but the installer wouldn't allow installation
  • Added support for Android 10 and 11 in WinTV Extend
  • Fixes issue on DCR-2650 and DCR-3250 that hdhomerun_config.exe tool location had to be in a few set locations, now pulling folder name from the AppName reg key.
  • Added WriteEPG to DVBC plugin
  • Fixed an issue streaming recordings via WinTV Extend. Streaming would stop when the trancode of the file had completed rather than play until the end of the recording
  • Fixed and isssue deleting the temp pause buffer files created when watching a recording in WinTV Extend.
  • Fixed an issue streaming via Extend from HD PVR 2 / Colossus 2
  • Fixed an issue where ffmpeg auto convert wouldn't happen if ffmpeg wasn't in the WinTV folder
  • Attempting to open TV Guide on current channel (not tested)
  • Storing EPG updateID when launching WinTVEPGLoader, so the Tray app can be used to cancel an in progress EPG Update (Tray app needs to be updated to use this still)
  • Fixed issue TSSegmenter wasn't closing the file after reading the transcoded TS file
  • Updated WinTV Extend logging to be more useful and not so big
  • Logging version number to Extend logs
  • Fixed HD PVR driver wouldn't install
  • Fixed EPG Keyboard/remote shortcut didn't work
  • Fixes IR won't launch WinTV v10

WinTV v10.0.37347

  • IR launch fixed
  • Colossus now supported
  • EPG update: added 6 hour, so now you can choose 6 hour or 12 hour updates

WinTV v10.0.37330

  • Fixed issue with HVR-9xx (65xxx) models not being detected.
  • EPG Update is done in the background when you have 2 or more tuners
  • Added logging number of EPG Events in database by channel before EPG Update (ATSC only) and logging number of EPG events in database by channel after EPG Update (Worldwide) to help with Tech Support diagnosis.
    - If the built in logging shows no Events were added to the database, you can add very extended logging via
    Create C:\temp
    This will create epg.txt
  • Added logging the end file size of the slip buffer used during EPG Update (so you could see if say there was no signal) "EPG Updater file at end of update was: 24Mb"
  • Now do not delete old listings on EPG Update on ATSC channels.
  • Fix an issue if WinTV-quadHD USB has been incorrectly programmed with both halves of the card having the same serial number, only half the board was working.
  • Fixed an issue where only
  • one recording would happen on HVR-22xx or NOVA-T-500
  • Fixed some missing 32-bit drivers (Driver10,73,85,95,E5,F9 and 89)
  • Max 'recording padding' changed to 15 minutes (from 10 minutes)

WinTV v10.0.37318

  • TVServer will now keep trying to get the description for events that don't have one even after we've stored the event without it's description
  • Check for Software update option hidden on North American products
  • Check for Software update renamed check for tuning updates on DVB products
  • Fixed an issue Now/Next wasn't being enable in Italy (installer bug)

WinTV v10.0.37317

  • Fixed issue where no audio would be hear from LiveTV until a track was selected, if prefered audio language was english and only track available was Spanish
  • Hiding Check for Updated software
  • Showing "Check for Tuning Updates" on DVB products only.
  • Changing the EPG Update time, no longer requires TVServer to be restarted to apply.

WinTV v10.0.37312

  • ATSC epg data now wrapped in database with language tag, so Season recording now works
  • Fixed season record not showing correct time in the UI in the US.
  • Added option to Automatically update EPG or not overnight. Default Enabled for North America, Disabled for DVB.
  • Fixed an issue where EPG data should show 10:59 when it was on at 11:00 due to the way broadcasters calculated leap seconds. Now rounding up from say 10:59.58 automatically to 11:00
  • EPG collection performance improvements
  • Fixed settings screen to allow for longer translations
  • Tweaked TV Guide screen to allow for longer translations

WinTV v10.0.37310

  • HVR-22xx and WinTV-NOVA-T-500 now counted as dual tuners for PIP mode
  • Time picker in TV Guide wider for regions where AM/PM picked is used
  • Now/Next being collected in Italy as EPG data
  • Updated hcw85bda driver 1_59_37308
  • Fixed issue where WinTV Extend wouldn't get installed on quadHD with a WinTV v10 with Extend Activation Code

WinTV v10.0.37309

  • Fixed issue in last internal build where Wait time was 8000ms per mux not 2000ms.
  • Collecting Now/Next data when region is Italy, ignoring it in all other countries.
  • Fixed Update EPG settings buttons overlapping the date.

WinTV v10.0.37308

  • Fixed issue with Season recordings not showing the correct time outside of countries with the same time as UTC.
  • Fixed issue checking for Update
  • Fixed issue would mention WinTV v8.5 when checking for Update
  • Fixed issue where some EPG could end up not being stored in the database after being collected
  • Changed default time to collect EPG data for ATSC from 30 to 45. We can look to reduce this later if required.

WinTV v10.0.37305

  • Moved EPG Update settings into TV Guide Window
  • Moved EPG Update post action to Advanced Tab
  • Showing Activation Code and pairing info on main General Settings tab
  • Moved location Activation Code is stored in registry to survive hcwclear so Activation code is still remembered even after HCWclear.

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