HD PVR Capture Application for the Mac

HD PVR Capture application for the Mac

For use with the HD PVR 2 model 1504 only

Are you getting short recordings?

This application will only will run with HD PVR 2 model 1540's which have been registered for use with the HDPVRCapture application.

If you find your recordings are limited to 2 minutes, your HD PVR 2 has not been registered and you can only run in the demo mode.

To install

  • Plug your HD PVR 2 into a USB port on your Mac
  • Click the download button above. It is a ZIP file (compressed) and will download into the Download folder on your Mac
  • Click on the downloaded file to Expand it
  • After the ZIP file is expanded, you will see a folder named 'HDPVRCapture'
  • Drag and drop this folder into your Favorites -> Applications folder
  • Go to your Applications folder and look for 'HDPVRCapture'
  • Click on 'HDPVRCapture'. A message will pop up 'Are you sure you want to open?'. Click 'Open'
  • This will install the HDPVRCapture application for the mac. You can now run it