HD PVR Capture Application for the Mac

HD PVR Capture application for the Mac

Are you getting short recordings?

This application will only will run with HD PVR 2's which have been registered for use with the HDPVRCapture application. If you find your recordings are limited to 2 minutes, your HD PVR 2 has not been registered and you can only run in the demo mode.

To install

  • Plug your HD PVR 2 into a USB port on your Mac
  • Click the download button above. It is a ZIP file (compressed) and will download into the Download folder on your Mac
  • Click on the downloaded file to Expand it
  • After the ZIP file is expanded, you will see a folder named 'HDPVRCapture'
  • Drag and drop this folder into your Favorites -> Applications folder
  • Go to your Applications folder and look for 'HDPVRCapture'
  • Click on 'HDPVRCapture'. A message will pop up 'Are you sure you want to open?'. Click 'Open'
  • This will install the HDPVRCapture application for the mac. You can now run it